Converting “CAPEX to OPEX”
About WaterBridge

WaterBridge Resources LLC was founded as a collaborative endeavor comprised of established industry professionals with solid reputations, and demonstrated track records in leading best-in-class production service businesses—as well as in delivering high-quality service to major clients in basins across the United States.

Our mission is to create long-term value by acquiring, operating, and monetizing non-core salt water disposal (SWD) infrastructure from exploration and production (E&P) companies—turning their capital expenditure (“Capex”) into an operating expense (“Opex”).

At WaterBridge we’re focused on you and your fluid-handling challenges, not just for drilling but for production as well. We’re committed to partnering with you to apply the right SWD technology and procedures to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maximize return on investment (ROI).

Business Overview

As produced and flowback water services are our core business, the WaterBridge model facilitates efficient operations and proper compliance with regulations—ensuring available, convenient, cost-effective disposal capacity while you get back to drilling. WaterBridge is pursuing greenfield and brownfield acquisition opportunities in emerging resource plays and other conventional producing basins.


WaterBridge is eagerly supporting America’s expanding E&P activity—15% to 30% of the costs of which are associated with water issues, a significant investment in an underutilized non-core asset—by transforming handling and disposal of the average seven barrels of water for each barrel of oil from a Capex to an Opex.


Our executive team’s SWD process knowledge offers advantages throughout acquisition and management—and has been built through approximately 200 years of combined background working with leading energy companies in the field, while creating stakeholder relationships based on hard work, trust, ethical behavior and equitable dealings.


The comprehensiveness of our team’s experience allows WaterBridge to bring together the diverse facets of SWD operations, including infrastructure, pipeline, process equipment, treatment, storage, pumping, and injection—infusing added value within each step to provide an efficient funding source in this challenging market.


WaterBridge desires to purchase existing brownfield SWD assets and operate them for your benefit, enabling you to monetize those assets and redeploy the capital for a better and higher-return use for the full life of your assets.


WaterBridge’s system provides for safe, efficient injection of wastewater back into the ground from which it came, while also honoring both statutory requirements and environmental responsibility—in part by seizing an opportunity to get trucks off the road.


Guided by an executive team with nearly two centuries of collective experience in oil & gas, water resources, and associated specialized fields, WaterBridge is well equipped to maximize the cost-efficiency of your SWD infrastructure and operations.


WaterBridge has teamed with a leading private equity investment firm specializing in the oil & gas industry—reinforcing our stability, and ensuring that we have access to all the resources required to address your fluid and wastewater-handling and disposal needs.


Five Point Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on investments in the energy infrastructure sector, with a strategy to partner with, develop, and support strong management teams through buyout and growth capital investments within the midstream energy sector.

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David N. Capobianco CEO & Managing Partner

Mr. Capobianco founded Five Point Capital Partners in 2011 after founding and serving as co-head of the Private Equity Group of Vulcan Capital, the direct investment arm for Paul G. Allen—where he led multiple take-private, acquisition, development, spinout, and build-up activities.

Matthew K. Morrow COO & Managing Partner

Mr. Morrow’s professional experience includes serving as president and CEO of Iberdrola Energy Holdings—which held Iberdrola Energy Services, a North American natural gas marketing business, and ENSTOR, one of the largest independent natural gas storage franchises on the continent.

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