At WaterBridge, each of us has a personal commitment to protecting our environment, health and safety.

Our integrated water pipeline networks provide a vast array of benefits when compared to traditional water transportation methods. By reducing the number of trucks used in E&P operations, the risk of spills and vehicle accidents are also reduced, and our communities benefit from reduced highway traffic and associated road maintenance challenges and expenses.

Our produced water recycling and redelivery facilities also provide our E&P customers with the ability to significantly reduce their reliance on freshwater sources for drilling and completion activities.

With an eye towards the future, we continually evaluate emerging technologies that have the potential to provide cost-competitive alternatives to disposal in the event of regulatory or geological constraints.


WaterBridge is consistently giving back to our local communities.

We have been fortunate to sponsor Living Water International with a new community water well, and each of our offices are active in their local community during their personal time, supporting the likes of Memorial Park Conservancy, The Houston Chapter of the Women’s Energy Network, the Boy Scouts of America, High School Sports Teams, Veterans’ Events, Toy Drives and more.

We believe that together, we can all make a difference.