Water management is a critical aspect of oil and gas operations. WaterBridge creates long-term, permanent infrastructure-based solutions that provides its customers with the essential takeaway, disposal, and recycling capacity required to accommodate the rapid growth of produced water and reuse requirements facing the E&P industry.

With rapid growth in water production, trucking is no longer a cost effective or logistically practical solution to water transportation for large-scale E&P drilling and completion operations. To solve this challenge, we develop, own, and operate permanent, integrated water infrastructure networks in the southern Delaware Basin of west Texas and the Arkoma Basin in southeastern Oklahoma. We remain committed to serving producers in the areas with the highest growth in water production, concentrated within the most active unconventional basins.

Building For Scale

WaterBridge operates a scalable and complex footprint to meet rapidly growing market demands. Our produced water network and facilities are specifically designed, constructed and operated to minimize downtime and provide flow assurance.

Our team has significant experience with produced water treatment and reuse, and the company has recycled over 30 million barrels in the Permian Basin.

Our produced water disposal wells are interconnected by pipelines that allow us to shift volumes across our network to minimize capacity constraints. We continually evaluate and develop new ways to provide flow assurance, recycling, reuse, and support to our customers.